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Parsha Korach

By Sam Swire, Dubim Unit Head

The Parsha this week is Parsha Korach.  It tells of a guy named Korach who was of a priestly lineage.  Now thus far in my explanation it seems like Korach was legit’, but he is not.

He felt that he was more entitled to lead the Israelites than Moses or Aaron, and tried to overthrow them.  If we have learned anything from Mah Tovu (the band made famous for the biblically significant parody of “Louis, Louis” titled “Pharoh, Pharoh” ) it is that “When G-d says go you had better mind,” or else you die.

Not surprisingly, Korach, and all of his followers, died.  Fortunately for them they do have one of the best biblical deaths (the earth opens up and swallows them.)

So how can we as a camp staff connect this to the 8 week long experience we are about the have, known as the URJ Camp Kalsman:

In Pirke Avot Chapter 5 Mishna 20 we learn that
“Any dispute that is for the sake of Heaven will endure, but any dispute that is not for the sake of Heaven will not endure.” Bringing it all together: Korach  created a dispute out of jealousy because Aaron was selected to be the high priest, obviously jealously is not a heavenly reason, which led to Korach’s demise.        
So, what can we do with all of this information at camp?  If you ask anyone in my unit (Dubim) what my number one expectation is, they will tell you (potentially in unison) “Feedback.”  At camp it is important to think about why you give feedback.  If it is for the good of camp than it is good, but selfish or trivial reasons require more thought before feedback is given.  Think about if this issue is one that needs to be brought up.  Give yourself two minutes to analyze the situation.  Weigh the pros and cons of bringing it up or not, and if it is worth it to camp.  Than make a decision and stick to it (this is what we like to call “Pick a Door.”)

Shabbat Shalom