Blog  Notes From Our Clipboard 6/25

Notes From Our Clipboard 6/25

Today we saw a little sun, a little rain, and a lot of smiles!

Coogarim spent their day trying out some of the best parts of camp! There was a trip to the farm where they found a goose egg before broomball and Mario Cart in the Pavilion. After a swim in the pool, they headed on a “hike” to their cookout on the lawn in front of the Retreat Center. We have a feeling they will sleep well tonight!

Nesharim spent the morning in chugim and then spent some time trying out the swing, outdoor cooking, and canoeing. For most of our Nesharim campers who got a chance to swing today, it was their first time trying it out. Over the next few days, everyone will get a chance to try it! What an awesome opportunity! After dinner, they put on raincoats and headed out with our ropes staff for a night of unit bonding activities. Now they are gathering for siyum and then off to bed! More adventures tomorrow!

Dubim had a crazy day climbing the tower, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and planting in the garden, but nothing was quite as fun as their rained out campout! They’d only just made it to campsites when dark clouds rolled in with a lot of wind and a lot of rain. Our supervisor team headed out to pick them up and bring them back to the warm and dry Chadar Ochel. On their way inside, Dubim camper Naomi said to a friend, “Last year’s campout was just a campout in the rain, but this year’s campout was an ADVENTURE!” We warmed them up with hot cocoa and quesadillas. They were troopers the entire time and never stopped smiling. Our Program Specialist, Lauren, was quick on her feet coming up with an awesome evening program for ‘Desher,’ combining our Dubim and Kesher units for one night of sing down fun!

Meet "Desher," the Kehillah Kedoshah formed by the Dubim and Kesher units tonight!

Meet “Desher,” the Kehillah Kedoshah formed by the Dubim and Kesher units tonight!

Kesher continued working on their Kesher project this morning and came out with a great plan! They are working on an art project that will welcome campers, staff, faculty, and friends to the Camp Kalsman garden using their favorite quotes and a poem written by talented Kesher camper, Hen! We’ll keep you posted on their work! Kesher took the canoes out on Butterfly Lake this morning and are wrapping up their day with the ‘Desher’ sing down. They showed the true meaning of Kehillah Kedoshah when they welcomed our Dubim campers into their groups. Thanks Kesher!

Our Machonikim spent the morning learning about positive discipline techniques and how to work with campers to create a happy, welcoming community. They visited the farm together this afternoon to hang out with Ferdinand, Mordecai, Daisy, Powder, and Farmer Emily. I think they enjoyed their visit just as much as the goats enjoyed the attention! They will wrap up their day with game night before a little free time and then bed.

Today proved that our campers and staff are a true community. The chesed (kindness) and kavod (respect) they showed to one another today impressed us all. With a day like today, we can’t WAIT to see what tomorrow will bring.

Lilah Tov from Camp Kalsman!