Blog  Lessons Learned from a Messy Morning

Lessons Learned from a Messy Morning

Written by Molly Okun
Coogarim Unit Head

Super Sloppy Coogarim

There are a million different reasons that I could give you for why camp is the greatest, most magical place on earth, but one of my favorite reasons is that camp gives kids a place to truly be a kid. In today’s society, many kids are pressured to grow up so quickly, to be well rounded by the age of ten so they’ll be accepted into top universities. But when else in their lives are they going to get the opportunity to spray shaving cream all over their friends or sit in a baby pool filled with oatmeal and water?

This is what the Coogarim unit experienced at 9:30 am Friday morning. They all participated in Super Sloppy Morning, and even the few kids who were hesitant about sliding down the slip and slide of water and soap or playing with buckets of mud enjoyed themselves immensely after realizing that they were in a safe environment, surrounded by staff that truly cared about them and that it was okay to get messy and “be a kid”.

Slip n Slide

As I sprayed water from a hose all over the Coogarim unit and heard their laughter, I paused and thought to myself that this is one of the many reasons that I love camp and that for the past 12 years have dreamed of becoming a camp director. Camp is the one place where they can let go, experience new things, strengthen their Jewish identities, and build lifelong friendships all at the same time.

A Super Sloppy Coogarim Poster

A Super Sloppy Coogarim Poster