Blog  Notes From Our Clipboard 6/30: Clopening Day

Notes From Our Clipboard 6/30: Clopening Day

Written by Molly Okun
Nitzotzot Unit Head

The sun beat down on camp. It was hot but it could not break our Clopening day spirits. We were far too excited for our new friends to arrive. The quick transition from camp closing circle into the giddy excitement of a new beginning was a roller coaster of emotions. Our staff was sad to say “L’hitraot, see you next summer,” to a great group of kids, yet they ate the baked potatoes at lunch because they all knew they would need lots of energy to welcome the new group of campers.

We know that at camp there is so much potential to grow lifelong friendships. It’s unclear whether this is connected to our camp values of Kehillah Kedosha (Holy Community) and fun and friendship or if it is a combination of these and the crisp, clean air in Arlington. But what is clear is that Camp Kalsman is a place where these life long bonds of friendship are made.

Together through the many shechecheyanu moments of new experiences on camp, friends both old and new in cabins Brosh and Erez are starting on their journeys of lifelong friendships. The campers will have their arms wrapped each other tonight at siyum as they say the Camp Kalsman Hashkiveinu and Shema. During this short and meaningful tradition the campers may not be aware of the magic of camp that they are about to experience, but every single staff member in that circle will have a smile on their face because they know these campers are about to embark on an unforgettable week.


Notes from our other units:

Nesharim had the chance to try out new chuggim today. Between archery, biking, Pop Star, and fashion, our campers had a ton of great options! They are ending their day with camp outs and s’mores. The boys headed up the mountain to Mud Lake as the girls trekked out to Third Village. Their packs were heavy but the fun of sleeping in a tent with their closest friends was worth it!

Dubim danced, cooked, and acted their hearts out in their morning chug options before trying out water polo, animal care, and the tower in the afternoon. Their day ended with Lab Night, complete with oobleck and our camper’s favorite mentos and Diet Coke experiment (especially when counselors get caught in the spray of Diet Coke!). Unit Head/Mad Scientist Finder performed scientific wonders for his campers, cooking up a night of fun.

Kesher checked out new chug options with our Dubim campers but also had an opportunity to continue their work on this session’s Kesher project. They are working hard to decorate an arch that will extend over the entrance to our garden welcoming in the Kalsman community. The wood for the arch was primed this morning so they can really get to work over the next few days! Double Dare filled their evening with a little messiness and a lot of fun. From finding a bouncy ball in a bowl of flour using only their teeth to acting out Torah stories backwards, it was laughter all around.

Kesher had to dress up a member of their team in as many clothes as possible and then send them to pop a balloon. Whoa.

Kesher had to dress up a member of their team in as much clothing as possible and then send them to pop a balloon. Whoa.

Machon spent their morning climbing to the waterfall. They learned about the power of teamwork and cooperation and supported each other the entire way up. Tonight they will explore camp through a photo scavenger hunt, getting to know Kalsman staff and geography a little better. We can’t wait to see their pictures!