Blog  How Helping Others Builds the Kalsman Kehillah Kedoshah

How Helping Others Builds the Kalsman Kehillah Kedoshah

We just welcomed back our Kesher campers from their Kesher trip to volunteer at Hopelink and camp out at Kayak Point. Check out what a couple of our amazing and dedicated Kesher campers have to say about their experiences:

From Neav–
I just came back from our Kesher trip and it was very fun! We started by taking the bus down to Juanita Beach and ate a delicious lunch, played games, sung songs, and enjoyed the sun. After finishing our activities at Juanita Beach, we rode the bus to a food bank run by Hopelink. They explained to us that their organization’s summer plan was to help low income families that rely in school reduced/free breakfast and lunch programs as a way to feed their kids. In the summer there is no school so families have a harder time feeding their children. Most people were organizing foods into categories but a few others and I we unpacking large shipments of beans, peach cans, and apple juice. There were so many crates I had no clue how we were going to finish in time before we had to leave. But after we got a system going we were flying through the boxes. All the teamwork activities Kesher has been doing paid off and not only did we have fun but I felt more connected to all the people I worked with. Going to Hopelink was such an eye opening experience and not only did I leave feeling more connected to everyone but I realized how good it felt to help other people. After we went to Hopelink we went to a camping ground in Everett. We had a ton of fun playing on the beach and telling scary stories. After coming back from the trip I feel more connected to everyone and that’s ironic because our unit Kesher actually means connections in Hebrew.

From Anna–Hopelink
There really aren’t proper words to articulate how awesome the Kesher trip was. It all began with a bus ride to Juanita Beach. It took a little while for us all to get over the culture shock. It was odd to see non-campers after being in a camp-only situation for so long.  After a lunch of sandwiches and cookies (which we probably ate too many of), we played some silly games. After that, the group hopped on the bus once again and headed towards HopeLink. It was such a great feeling seeing low-income families able to shop for their own food, and watching children point to the treats they wanted and throwing it into the cart. I admittedly spent most of the time sitting inside a giant box sorting all sorts of donations. Things from cereal to canned tuna were put into crates and put on shelves for customers. It was inspiring seeing the entire Kesher unit coming together and doing something to benefit the less fortunate. We were so proud of all the wonderful work we did to improve our “Kehilla Kedosha”. After our work at HopeLink was completed, we arrived at our campsite at kayak point. After a delicious spaghetti dinner, Kesher walked down to the beach. The sunset on the horizon felt like a perfect ending to a perfect day. We accomplished so much as friends and as a unit. I am proud to be a part of this awesome Kesher group.