Blog  Notes From Our Clipboard 7/2

Notes From Our Clipboard 7/2

We woke up this morning to another day of sunshine and a full day of fun at camp!

Our Nitzotzot campers are bonding quickly! They had a wonderful discussion this morning about their understanding of God. Even our faculty walked away feeling enlightened! This evening, they headed out to 3rd Village for a cookout extraordinaire and some yummy s’mores. They are already fast asleep so they will have lots of energy for another busy day tomorrow!

Nesharim boys spent their morning with our Rosh Tfilah, Jay Levine, a rabbinic student at Hebrew Union College. They prepared to lead Tfilah this evening and did a wonderful job! The girls had “Girls Night” in the morning complete with yoga and a discussion of strong and important females in the Torah. They wrapped up the program with a dance bash! The whole unit came together for a fun evening Trivia program where they had to answer questions about their counselors and complete some crazy tasks in order to score points. What a great day!

Dubim spent their morning in chugim and rotations, making art, directing Torah inspired scenes, and climbing the tower. They spent the afternoon in the farm, garden, and on the lake and loved being out in the sun. We made sure they had plenty of sunscreen and water! Their day wrapped up with Kibbutz Night out at the campfire and then bed!

Kesher spent their morning preparing for the Kesher trip and left just before lunch. Their afternoon was spent volunteering at Hope Link, one of the awesome organizations we are donating to as part of our Two Tons Together project. When they arrived, they also delivered 10.2 lbs of kale and 6 lbs of lettuce picked in our garden this morning. They did great work for the organization and were so excited to pitch in and help! This evening, they headed to Kayak Point to camp, bond, and roast some s’mores. They are having a blast!

Machon learned about the developmental stages of each age group we have here on camp. Each day they learn more and more to prepare to be great counselors. We can’t wait for them to spend more time with younger campers during Kallah Bet! An afternoon of basketball and helping out in the garden got them out in the sun to soak up some Vitamin D. Tonight, they were treated to an awesome night swing thanks to our great tower staff! They are headed to their nightly meeting and then have a little time to hang out before bed.

It’s time for all of us to head to sleep. Lilah Tov from Camp Kalsman!