Blog  Why Work at Camp? Love. Family. Judaism.

Why Work at Camp? Love. Family. Judaism.

We asked Leah Beck, a camper and staff alum of URJ Camp Kalsman, why she works at camp. Read her answer below.

I work at the URJ Camp Kalsman because I have to. There is a string in my heart that pulls me back to the place where I grew up every summer, two months out of twelve. The place that is more my home than any other place on this planet. That is the reason that camp benefits me.

However, the most important reason why I work at the Camp Kalsman is for the campers. Camp is a place where Jewish kids from all over the Northwest and beyond come to be Jewish and grow into even more amazing people, and as staff, we get to be a part of that and help foster it. I work at Kalsman because I love getting up in the morning for two months out of my year to walk them to their activities and answer their questions and program for them; I love encouraging them and laughing with them and keeping them safe; I love telling them that they make me proud. I work at Camp Kalsman to make camp great for the campers. I thrive off of being their role model for the part of their year that they will remember more than the time they spend at a desk or the time they spend taking out the garbage. I love watching them fall in love with life in a place where they don’t have to worry about anything other than being young and having fun.

Camp Kalsman reminds campers that Judaism is important. It reminds them that challenging themselves and trying new things and showing off their crazy unique side is important too.

Working at camp each summer reminds me that those are the same camp qualities that I live for, the qualities that truly make me live ten months of the year for two.

I work at the URJ Camp Kalsman because I have to. My heart doesn’t give me a choice anymore.

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