Blog  Our 8 Crazy (and favorite) Memories from Camp

Our 8 Crazy (and favorite) Memories from Camp

Written by Jordan Magidson, Nadiv Educator

8. Maccabiah—Whether you were there for first session’s very cool “Atid vs Avar” (“Future vs Past”) themed maccabiah, second session’s “The Weather” theme, or third session’s sensational “Wizard of Oz” theme, we all had a great time during Maccabiah. With events like the slip and slide, competitive gardening, and rope burning, how could you not?



7. Woodstock—Camp Kalsman is full of some pretty talented people and we all enjoyed getting to watch our staff show off their musical skills in our version of Woodstock. I don’t know about you, but I can’t hear “Give me a Reason” (by Pink) without hearing Kadi and Sam’s version in my head!



6. Super Sloppy Night—Only at Camp Kalsman can you be covered in mud and whipped cream by your counselors, slide down our make shift slip n’ slide (we love that thing) and throw a bucket of slop on your Rosh Tefillah. We always knew that it was super sloppy night because we could hear the laughter of our Coogarim campers and staff ringing throughout camp.


5. 4th of July at Camp—Every year 4th of July is pretty special. This year we celebrated our independence the good old fashioned way: field games, a fair, a parade, fireworks and a DUNK TANK! While David Berkman and Sarah Moody might not have loved it, our campers sure loved getting the chance to dunk them! (Briana totally had a blast though!)


4. Our MOCK Wedding—Roei proved to be a wonderful mock fiancé and husband when he “proposed” to Michal this summer. The proposal was so sweet and sentimental it had everyone fooled…even our wonderful milkshake providers at Fosters Farm. Campers and staff all participated in getting the wedding off the ground from helping with the Ketubah to being a part of the wedding party! If you haven’t seen the proposal yet, or just want to watch it again, check it out!

73.  Kesher Trip—“There really aren’t proper words to articulate how awesome the Kesher trip was.” (From Anna, one of our 1st session Kesher Campers). Every summer our Kesher campers get to go on their Kesher trip, a night off of camp where they hike and camp all in the hopes of creating a stronger kehillah kedosha. What made this summer’s trip so awesome was that our high schoolers also volunteered at the Hopelink food bank. Our Kesher campers left with a sense of pride for the work that they did and a real understanding of what it means to be apart of a holy community.


2. Two Tons Together—This summer we challenged our camp community to donate 2 tons of food to three deserving organizations: HopeLink, JFS and the Everett Food Bank. And we succeeded! This summer our campers worked with our wonderful staff to harvest over 2000 lbs of food from the Kalsman garden and fruit groves. Combine that with the donations of from our wonderful Kalsman families we were easily able to donate more than 4000 lbs. Thank you all for contributing to this.

1. Shabbat—This one is cheating a little bit because with Shabbat coming every week, there are just so many great memories to choose from—from being led in prayer by our wonderful CITs to the giant game of Middotopoly to Shabbat Shira to unrolling the entire Torah. Shabbat is a magical time—when we come together as a Kehillah Kedosha—a holy community.

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