Blog  Challenging Impossible: 10,000 Likes for a Baby Goat

Challenging Impossible: 10,000 Likes for a Baby Goat

1462912_240088789480692_366344706_nWritten by Sarah Moody, URJ Camp Kalsman Assistant Director

Yesterday, my boss asked me to make something go viral. I looked up from my computer. Then he said, smiling, “You know I’m kidding, right? I know that’s impossible.” I laughed.

I started thinking.

As he walked out of my office, I said, “Hey David, if I can get 10,000 likes on a picture, can we get a baby goat for the URJ Camp Kalsman farm?”

This time, he laughed. “Sure, Sarah,” he said, “10,000 likes and I’ll get you a baby goat.”

Impossible challenge accepted.

Why 10,000 likes? It’s not that URJ Camp Kalsman doesn’t have the funds for a baby goat, or even that adding goats to our farm is something Director David Berkman is completely opposed to, instead it is that I believe in challenging the ‘impossible.’ (And if a cute baby goat is the prize for doing so, I think it’s a win-win situation!) Overcoming challenges is a value we teach our campers each summer. We tell them, “I understand that being away from home seems impossible, but think of all the amazing opportunities you have at camp,” or we say, “I know that climbing to the top of the tower feels impossible, but try taking it one step at a time. See where you can get.” We don’t expect every camper to overcome their personal ‘impossible,’ but we encourage them to try. David certainly doesn’t expect me to get 10,000 likes on a picture, but he’s the kind of guy who will pat me on the back and say, “Go for it!” He’ll respond to my updates on my progress with a smile.

I didn’t set up an easy task for myself. I probably could have gotten David to agree to get a goat for 2,000 likes. So why go bigger? As the Assistant Director, I think I owe it to our campers to lead the way in overcoming impossible.

This summer, I want to be able to say to that camper who is missing home and telling me that it is impossible to have fun that I have done the impossible. I have personally looked at something that seemed like it could never be done and I have done it. Is getting 10,000 likes the same as overcoming homesickness? Of course not; it’s nowhere close! However, both impossible situations require personal conviction, grace, and a willingness to look past our own fear of failure.

At URJ Camp Kalsman, we also believe in community, in friends helping friends, and in asking for help. Seeking 10,000 likes for a picture on Facebook requires all three of those things to work perfectly in tandem. It requires me to admit that I can’t do it alone; it requires the Camp Kalsman community to not only click ‘Like’ on a picture, but to also click ‘share’ with their friends and family; and it requires my friends and your friends and their friends to take a moment, laugh a little, and click ‘Like’ to add a happy baby goat to the farm at URJ Camp Kalsman.

Will you help me show our campers that we can challenge the impossible and succeed? Will you help me teach about helping others, cheering your friends on, and facing the possibility of failure head on?

We want a baby goat at Camp Kalsman and we need YOU to help.

Click here to go to our Facebook page and like my photo. Do it for me, for a baby goat, and for that camper standing at the bottom of a tall tower saying, “I can’t do it, it’s impossible.”

Ferdinand and Mordechai want a friend!

Ferdinand and Mordechai want a friend!

Disclaimer: We do know that goats do better in pairs! If we do get enough likes to add a goat to our farm, we will consult with our favorite goat experts at New Moon Farm to make sure we get all the details right!