Blog  Leadership Team Weekend, Day 2: Spirit Bagels

Leadership Team Weekend, Day 2: Spirit Bagels

What’s a spirit bagel, you ask? A very important part of our leadership training, of course! Stay tuned to discover what makes a bagel spirit-y (spiritish? Spiritful? Unclear).

We celebrated Shabbat this morning with a Torah study. Jordan led us through a rousing discussion of Ma Tovu and the glass-half-full attitude it promotes. (Ma Tovu is part of the story of Balaam, who is sent to curse the Israelites. He is overcome with awe upon seeing the Israelites’ dwellings and houses of worship. Instead of cursing the Israelites, Balaam blesses them. Ma Tovu is Balaam’s blessing). We talked about how important it is to see the blessings in situations instead of the curses – to look at positive aspects. It was an excellent way to start the morning!

After Torah study, we video chatted with our out of town staff and went over the camp schedule (it was more fun than it sounds. I promise). We took a break for lunch and menucha and then it was right back to work:

Leadership Team photo

we clearly trust each other!

we clearly trust each other!

Post-trust walk we took a trip down memory lane for an education program, ate dinner, and worked on leadership skills in the most fascinating way. We broke up in to teams of four and tried to build towers out of uncooked spaghetti noodles and fruit snacks. And let me tell you, it is way harder than it sounds! (PHYSICS!) One of the towers didn’t stand up by itself and the other one was as tall as a single strand of spaghetti. HOWEVER, we learned a lot about each other’s group work styles.

At dinner, we each named our spirit bagel. A spirit bagel is the bagel that best represents an individual’s personality and inner being. The Leadership Team’s spirit bagels ranged from a toasted egg bagel with schmear (mine) to a cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter (Lauren) to a bagel made of ice cream (Deitle). Can you all name your spirit bagels? If you’re stuck, just go with what you love to eat and figure out how it represents you.

The night’s entertainment was a rousing Purim schpiel. Sadly, only part of it made the video:

Here’s an easy question: who is Shea impersonating in his Purim costume?

best costume!

best costume!

Laila tov! Talk to you all tomorrow.