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Taste of Kalsman: Friday

Hello everyone!

It’s quite late here at Camp Kalsman. Everyone is in bed, dreaming sweet Camp Kalsman dreams. Would you like to see what we’ve been up to since leaving Seattle/Bellevue? Here we go:

I left on the Seattle bus. As we waited for everyone to arrive, we played a few games! Here are the Seattle bus campers and counselors playing the Vegetable Game:

campers playing game
Once we arrived at camp, the campers met their counselors and headed up to the cabins to pick out their bunks and unpack. There are 54 campers currently at camp; 3 girls’ cabins and 2 boys’ cabins. Each cabin has two to three counselors who sleep in the cabin. Our campers are in very good hands!

Everyone settled in and it was time for dinner. We had chicken, challah, green beans, roasted potatoes, and our salad bar. MMMM! (Vegetarians/other dietary restrictions had separate menu options.) Dinner presented a great opportunity to get to know the campers and staff for the weekend.

TOK Tfilah 2014
Jordan led us all in a great interactive Tfilah service after dinner (pictured above). One of her questions, “why do we welcome darkness every night?”, provided an assortment of thought-provoking answers. They ranged from “so we can sleep” to “so we can hide better” to “so we know when it’s nighttime.” All accurate.

A fun campfire session followed Tfilah (see the fire?). We did a shira, or song session. We even had s’mores! Here’s a short segment:

We closed the evening as a group by singing Hashkivenu and listening to announcements for tomorrow. The campers and counselors did a cool Bed Time/Bunk Time activity in their respective cabins before turning out the lights and resting for our big day tomorrow!

Tomorrow is going to be just as great as today. I’ll do another blog post (hopefully earlier than this one) and fill you in on everything that happened. Talk to you soon!

Laila Tov,