Blog  Taste of Kalsman: Saturday

Taste of Kalsman: Saturday

Hello again from Camp Kalsman! Our parents and campers reunited today after a night away from home. We had a few fun-filled hours with our campers before their parents arrived. I have lots of photos and videos to show you, so let’s get started!

We began our Saturday bright and early after a busy Friday. We enjoyed our breakfast and then got all our wiggles out with a morning shira (song session). The magic of shira was so great that our campers became penguins!

Jordan taught us about the power of our words during mashehu (Torah study). We can’t catch bubbles after we blow them, they pop! Just like bubbles, we can’t remove our words from the air after we say them. This is why gossip is so bad – we can’t catch our words and take them back. In the next activity, campers categorized words and phrases as “nice” or “gossip.” They practiced nice words by breaking in to their cabin groups and each saying something nice about every cabin-mate. It was, quite possibly, the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

Next, our campers explored all different parts of camp during a pirate treasure hunt. We wore eye patches and gathered clues from all around camp to find a treasure. Here’s a fearsome pirate:

TOK campers say "Arrrrr!"

TOK campers say “Arrrrr!”

The treasure chest contained snacks. As all treasure chests should.

Before lunch, we broke in to three groups. One group did art, one played sports, and one did a chavaya (nature) activity. All kids did all activities – this was just the first rotation. It was raining outside (SURPRISE!) so the campers played gaga in a yurt. How cool is that?! We played gaga using the building as a gaga pit! For those who don’t know what gaga is, or would like a refresher on the rules, this Wikipedia page explains it nicely. Sarah, who will be a Sports Specialist at camp this summer, worked with the campers in each rotation.

After first rotation, the campers went back to their cabins to have more hangout time before lunch. Lunch was awesome – grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, tomato soup, salad bar, and onion rings. The campers loved it. They were so excited about camp (and lunch) that we took that energy and started an impromptu dance party!

We moved on to the other two rotations after lunch and dancing. During art rotation, campers made “stained glass” out of contact paper:
Taste of Kalsman 2014 art

The third rotation was a garden project. The plants in Camp Kalsman’s garden are not yet peeking out of the soil, we created individual gardens. Each camper decorated a pot and planted a seed in it. They learned about the lasting impact of trees and nature from an old and special visitor:

counselor Sam D. - a wise elder

counselor Sam D. – a wise elder

After the rotations, campers and counselors went up to their cabins to pack up. The parents arrived just as campers were finishing the clean up process. We had an inter-generational Maccabiah (color war)! Parents and campers participated in relays…
Bead Relay
…hanky pulls…Taste of Kalsman hanky pull
…and make-your-counselors-laugh-so-hard-they-spit-water competitions. Here’s the red team trying to make Max, Michael, and Melissa laugh. At 0:33, you can see the enduring power of armpit farts (Max, the counselor who spits, is 21):

After the intense Maccabiah competition, we all had a delicious pasta dinner and our campers received super cool Taste of Kalsman t-shirts. It was time to go home. All the campers and parents departed safely.

the TOK 2014 staff say "thank you!"

the TOK 2014 staff say “thank you!”

Thanks for a great weekend, Taste of Kalsman campers and parents! We hope to see you at camp this summer. If you haven’t yet registered, check out the sessions here.