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Camp Kalsman in the Alps

As some of you smarties know, camper mom Suzi LeVine was recently named the U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein! Huge news, right? We agree, as shown by the real-time footage below of the camp office when we heard the news:

No, we’re not starting a Switzerland/Liechtenstein campus (but can we take a recruiting trip to the Alps? No? Okay). We’re still overjoyed for Ambassador LeVine (it sounds so cool and formal)! In fact, the only things we missed in our celebration were Swiss cheese wedges and Toblerone bars.

One of Camp Kalsman’s six core values is our relationship with teva (nature). Our beautiful 300 acres allow campers to explore nature by hearing, seeing, touching, and tasting. We hike into the woods surrounding camp, we canoe on Butterfly Lake, and grow and harvest produce in the garden. Switzerland and Liechtenstein are known all over the world as naturally beautiful countries. We have no doubt that Camp Kalsman prepared the LeVine campers to appreciate and fully embrace teva, here at their camp-home and in their new home:

The LeVine campers will, for obvious reasons, be spending their summer in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. This is bittersweet for us – we’re really going to miss them! But, the cool part is that they’re taking camp with them to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Everywhere Kalsman campers go, camp goes, too. The LeVine campers are taking Kalsman’s Hashkiveinu melody and the Birkat hand motions with them. They’re taking the excitement of new adventures, like the sense of accomplishment found only at the top of the Alpine Tower. Perhaps most importantly, they’re taking the ability to join a new community and thrive. Every camper is new once; all become part of our Kehillah Kedoshah. We’re confident that the LeVine campers will be able to create and join new communities in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

(we'll miss them at Saturday campfire, though.)

(we’ll miss them at Saturday campfire, though.)

We wish the LeVines the best of luck in Switzerland and Liechtenstein! Mazel tov, Suzi, on your appointment! An additional mazel tov on having the most tech-savvy swearing-in ceremony of all time. You are too cool! If you’d like to keep up with Suzi’s adventures as ambassador, follow her on Twitter: @AmbSuzi.