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How To Name A Goat

Farmer Anna and Asst. Director Sarah Moody traveled to New Moon Farms the other day to meet the newest, cutest addition to the Camp Kalsman farm:

Our new goat is, indeed, the cutest thing lil thing we’ve ever seen! He walked right up to Sarah and snuggled. When she and Anna had to leave, our new Kalsman resident bleated like there was no tomorrow. He clearly wants to come home to camp!

There’s only one problem: he doesn’t have a name.

Just like all goats, campers, and staff, our newest addition needs a name. We set out to do just that, but in an epic style. Cue the bidding war! We organized an online auction, which you can view here. Bidding closes on Saturday, June 21 – the day before the new goat arrives at camp. Whoever bids the most money by the end of the auction will get to name the kid!* Goats live for up to 18 years, so naming our new goat is a great way to leave a lasting mark at camp.

Powder, Daisy, Ferdinand, and Mordechai are so excited to welcome a new kid to the farm. Before he comes, though, we need to be able to introduce him to the campers by name. Help us by bidding for the privilege of naming our new goat!


*Name is subject to Berkman’s approval before it is bequeathed unto the goat.