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The Original Camp Celebrity

Peachy and Mark Levy were the founding visionaries of Camp Kalsman. (For context, Peachy is Red Kalsman’s daughter.) Peachy and Mark have also generously donated to many camps and the Reform movement as a whole. To us, they’re the reason we get to come back to these beautiful 300 acres every summer. To us, they’re the reason we can climb the tower, pray in the Beit T’filah, cheer for Maccabbiah teams, and live with our closest friends. To us, Peachy is the original camp celebrity.

Peachy and her daughter, Jani, visited Camp Kalsman today. Our CITs wanted to show Peachy how much they appreciated her and Mark’s vision. The quotes below are excerpts from thank you notes they wrote to Peachy.

Jani, Peachy, and David

Jani, Peachy, and David

“This is my 8th summer at Camp Kalsman… when I come here, I am able to be myself and grow as a person in ways that would never be possible at school or in the ‘real world.'” -Robert

“Here at Camp Kalsman is where I feel most connected to my Judaism… Camp also introduced me and brought me closer to my best friends and allowed me to discover new sides of myself.” -Sarah R

“Camp Kalsman is home to many campers and staff including myself… This wouldn’t happen without you so thank you so very much.” -Aaron

“Camp has always been my safe place. It has meant the world to me to have this escape. I truly admire and respect everything you have done for camp.” -Sarah R

“You have changed thousands of lives for the better, and therefore the world is what it is because of you. You have educated this generation. You have educated me and permanently changed my life.” -Louis

“Never have I ever felt so close to my Jewish identity and so close to my own identity. Camp has conquered my fear of heights and has helped me break out of my shell. Going to camp has made me a stronger person.” -Michelle

“For seven years I have made new friends, learned about my values, and have learned about myself. Everything I have accomplished happened because of you.” -Stuie

“I know that when I am older and have my own kids, I will be raising them Jewish and sending them to Kalsman… This camp has given so much to me, and the future looks ever so bright. So thank you so much for the way you have changed my life thus far.” -Josh

“Thank you for everything you have done and continued to do to make Kalmsan what it is today. Kalsman has changed my life permanently. The decision was easy this year to come back and be a CIT, which has been the best experience of my life.” -Anna

“Judaism is the most important aspect of my life. I can never thank you enough for bringing that to me and all the other Jewish children whose lives you have changed.” -Emily

“It’s easy to say that camp has shaped me as a Jew. Rather, though I’d like to say that camp has allowed me to shape myself as a Jew. I feel a part of a whole here, without pressure to conform to the beliefs of the whole. Camp has made me a better person… I want you to know the impact you’ve had on my life, and how immensely grateful I am for it.” -Jacob

Our amazing 2014 CITs

Our amazing 2014 CITs

Thank you, Peachy, for all you have done for Reform Judaism in the Pacific Northwest. The vision you and Mark had almost a decade ago is realized daily by our campers, staff, and alumni. We love you and hope you’ll visit again soon!