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How to T’filah

We pray every day at 6pm. We love this routine – it’s a source of peace in our busy camp schedule. Sometimes, though, it’s good to shake things up. Our faculty led each unit in a different interpretation of T’filah today. We think it provided just the right amount of difference.

Sometimes, location can transform a routine act in to a new experience. Soon-to-be-rabbi Daniel (current Art Department Head) took the Coogarim campers to the treehouse for T’filah. Praying in a space that overlooks all of camp certainly changes the perspective of the service!


Best view on camp.

The Torah is like one big storybook. The stories inside are often best told by rabbis, who are certified Torah-story-tellers. Nitzotzot gathered under the big tree in the quad with Rabbi Dan Moskovitz for interactive story time.


What keeps camp balanced? What keeps our lives balanced? How do you keep the Whale Watch platform balanced?
Our Chalutzim campers discussed balance at camp, in life, and in the Torah with Rabbi Jason Levine. But first, they practiced balancing on the Whale Watch (seen above) with Camp Guru Sharon Ross. Balancing on the Whale Watch requires teamwork and communication, just as creating a balanced camp does.

Tzofim, led by the fabulous Lynne Butner, took an artistic approach. They split in to groups and created visual representations of prayers. Here is one groups singing the prayer they drew.

Rabbi Elizabeth Dunsker and Teva Supervisor Emily Rader partnered with the one and only Dan Nichols to lead Kesher through a special yoga t’filah. Rabbi Dunsker and Dan focused on the many different ways we say the Sh’ma. Emily explained how each yoga pose related to the prayer. In the pose featured below, Kesher took the lead from Kochavim and explored balance in prayer.

There are many ways to T’filah, and we love experiencing them at camp. What is your favorite way to T’filah?