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The Magic of Camp Kalsman

TrailblazingTrailblazingTo me, the magic of Camp Kalsman is that we have a camp.

The first time I came here was in 2005 for the ground breaking.  Then, we had beautiful land with exciting potential, but not a camp.

The next time I came here was in June 2007.  Now we had buildings!  We had mountain bikes, a tower, lots of art supplies, new everything; and still, tons of potential.  That first summer we started building our foundation.  We sang, we danced, we started writing our camp torah.  But we still didn’t have a camp.  Not like we do today.

To me the magic of camp is that now Camp Kalsman feels like a camp.  We have traditions and a history.  We have an incredible community spread across the world that brings joy to our lives far beyond these 300 acres.  The magic of camp is that I have watched my campers grow into amazing counselors and leaders on camp.  Watching you all in action makes me immensely proud.

The magic of camp is when Shabbat comes and we all pause.  We carry a torah that we wrote together, wrapped in a torah cover painted by our community, and place it in an ark decorated by second summer campers.  This torah holds a special magic for me in a way no other torah does.

The magic of camp is stargazing with the people who understand you in a way your non-camp friends never will.  Its knowing that you always have a second home to come back to after a hard year, and that even after Berkman tells you you are too old for camp, he will call and ask you to come home.

The magic of Camp Kalsman is that we have built this community with intention and love.  That along with our first summer saplings and campers, camp has grown up and together we have created something special.  Tonight, the true magic of Camp Kalsman is that each of you is here, and now our summer can begin.


Jess Stein

6th Year Trips Supervisor