Blog  Seeing our Counselors Outside of Camp

Seeing our Counselors Outside of Camp

By Sophie F. and Cara S., Camp Kalsman campers

Over the summer of 2015, we spent three weeks in the Kesher unit at Camp Kalsman. Our cabin-mates and counselors made going to camp easy, comfortable, and fun. One of the coolest parts of camp is having Israeli counselors (mishlachat) in our cabins and units. Spending time talking to them about growing up in Israel, their time in the IDF, and learning new Hebrew words made our camp experience even more special. Saying goodbye to them was pretty rough because we were unsure as to whether we’d get to see them again.Cara, Sophie & Rotem

Our families are close friends and we wound up planning to go to Israel at the same time…winter break 2015! We realized that this would be the perfect opportunity to reach out to one of our mishlachat counselors, Rotem. After messaging on Facebook, we discovered that one of our hotels was not far from his house. We were lucky enough to find a time to meet for dinner. We were so excited to see Rotem because most people don’t get the chance to see their counselors after camp. At the restaurant, we introduced our families to Rotem. They totally hit it off! All of us found it so interesting to hear about Israel from someone who has spent time both there and in the U.S. We learned more about Israeli culture and politics, and Rotem recommended awesome places to hike and swim. The worst part of the whole experience was having to say goodbye again.

The memories we made at camp were so much more meaningful with the mishlachat there, and we are so lucky to have experienced being with amazing and caring people from a country that means so much to us.