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Lean On Me

As winter continues, I find myself wanting to spend my days cuddling up on the couch with hot chocolate, making arts and crafts from Pinterest, and wearing my Kalsman sweatpants all day long. The last thing I want to do is open my phone or turn on the TV because I know there will be hatred and segregation as the topic of conversation.

Since November 8th, our country has seen a rise in anti-Semitic activity- more than I can recall in my life. Even in everyday life, Jews have not felt completely safe or welcome. It is incredibly sad and scary to know that we live in this environment now.

While the greater community at large may not feel completely safe, I have felt closer and more bonded together with my camp family. I feel like I actually BELONG somewhere. In a time where I do not feel like I belong with many groups of people, I am reminded of how special and crucial Camp Kalsman remains in my life. While we do not have Shabbat Shira together every Friday or eat grilled cheese and tomato soup once a week as a Kehila Kedosha (holy community) the camp family is still strong and supportive. We are there for each other in spirit. By building the spirit, ruach, we are also building love, acceptance, and compassion for one another.

This is what makes camp so special, even when our country and local community may seem divided. We always have our camp family to lean on. As we sing on closing day during the summer,

“Lean on me, when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on, for it won’t be long, ’til I’m gonna need, somebody to lean on.”

Camp Kalsman is always the “somebody” you can lean on.

By Lauren Fishman, Unit Head