Blog  Four New Questions: Introducing the Theme for Summer 2017!

Four New Questions: Introducing the Theme for Summer 2017!

As we prepare to sit down at our Passover Seder, we remember how imperative the act of asking questions is.  Each year, we retell the story of our people by asking and then answering four central questions.  This summer, our camp community will have the opportunity to ask four additional questions: who is wise, who is strong, who is rich and who is to be honored. In exploring this text from Talmud, we will learn how our Jewish sages answered these important questions.

Who is wise?

The one who learns from every person…


Who is strong?

The one who subdues his negative inclination…


Who is rich?

The one who appreciates what he has…


Who is honored?

The one who gives honor to others…

(Talmud – Avot 4:1)

This summer, campers of all ages will engage with this text through programs, discussions, and stories told. We are excited to engage the campers and staff in learning what strength, wisdom, honor, and wealth mean to each of us. Our goal is to get the community thinking about the different ways that people can have the qualities society deems as positive. Can a person be strong without physical strength? Rich without gold? This summer we will use Jewish texts to dig deeper into how we view ourselves and others.

This Passover, we encourage all of us to keep these four new questions in mind as we recite the Passover story. Who in the story is strong in your eyes? Who shows wisdom? Who would you consider to be rich? And who would be honored? Share your thoughts with your loved ones at the Seder, and continue the discussion leading up to Summer 2017! Chag Pesach Sameach!

Co-Written By: Rabbi Allison Flash, Chair, Faculty Commission and Terra Zicklin, Communications and Development Associate