Blog  Behind the Scenes: Staff Night

Behind the Scenes: Staff Night

Our wonderful staff members work long days planning and running programs, participating, encouraging, creating, and leading different areas of camp. The exhaustion is worth it, but it’s nice (and necessary) to take breaks. That’s where our many staff nights come in!

Staff nights are planned to make sure the staff continue to be a bonded unit throughout the nearly ten weeks of camp. So far we have had a karaoke night, movie and board game nights, stargazing on the lake where staff kayaked and canoed under the stars, sushi making, and a Game of Thrones watch party every week for those who don’t want to miss an episode.

This session we have a couple last staff nights planned, including Pickles, Pizza and The Princess Bride. This will be a mix of Pickle-making, eating pizza, and watching the Princess Bride! There will also be a night of playing “Just Dance” and eating from a table full of appetizers. And of course, more Game of Thrones.

Each night we have staff who are on duty in the cabins with the kids. Those who are not on duty have a free night on camp to socialize, play games, or watch movies until curfew. These organized staff nights give staff a chance to try new things (and eat plenty of food!) with their friends!