Blog  Updates from the Dubim Trip Day!

Updates from the Dubim Trip Day!

By Jessica Brumer, Dubim Unit Head

What would you do with 59 middle school campers and 19 staff members? Go on a Dubim day trip!!

Yesterday Dubim set out on a fun day trip. We loaded the busses and then drove northwest to Deception Pass/Rosario beach. We hiked to a beautiful, grassy spot overlooking the water and went to look at the amazing touch tanks. The campers saw crabs, sea anemones, and little fish. We then went to each a picnic lunch next to the beach where we saw some cool birds and otters in the water.

After we were done with lunch and Rosario beach we loaded the busses again and drove south to Fort Casey. It was awesome. The campers and staff got to fly their own kites that they decorated earlier in the week. Looking up at the sky and seeing so many kites flying so high was an amazing sight. The campers and staff also got to go explore the Fort Casey bunker from World War 1. After we finished at Fort Casey we headed back to camp to have some time to relax before dinner. After dinner we had a just dance party and sang some karaoke. Everyone had a blast. Overall the day was a big hit and fun for campers and staff!

“This is the best trip I have ever been on!”-Ethan

“I touched a sea anemone and it closed around my fingers like a hug!” – Rafi

“I am so scared of heights but climbing on the bunkers is so fun! Doing challenging things makes me a better person and I am so glad I get to do that at camp!” – Leo