Blog  Farm to Food Bank: A Social Justice Project

Farm to Food Bank: A Social Justice Project

By Jaime Korner, Trips and Teva Supervisor

Throughout the summer, all of our campers have gotten the chance to participate in a Jewish Family Services program on food insecurity–they chose from one of three budget scenarios, received tickets to represent money, and “shopped” for food for themselves or their family. It’s important to remember that this shopping exercise can’t encompass what experiencing food insecurity is really like. There is so much complexity that can’t be shown in a short program, but we hope that campers were more able to empathize with and care about food insecurity.

Kesher was even able to visit Seattle Jewish Family Services on Capitol Hill and volunteer by delivering and sorting nonperishable food collected on Opening and Closing Days at Kalsman, packaging food for home deliveries, and cleaning the food bank after a busy morning. In addition to direct service at Seattle JFS, Nitzotzot and Nemerim campers in Farm to Table chug got to harvest food from our amazing garden here at Kalsman to donate to the food bank! They picked pounds of beets, zucchini, yellow summer squash, green beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Before we drive all that down to Seattle, we’ll finish up by picking the kale, rainbow chard, herbs, and peppers. Even though I’ve gotten less gardening time as the Teva and Trips Supervisor than as the garden specialist, it’s been amazing to work in the garden this summer. After three summers, the garden truly feels like my own; it will be so hard to leave it behind in just a few days. It’s unbelievable to work a job where I can walk around barefoot and call a greenhouse my office and I’ll miss it so much. More than anything, though, it’s so fulfilling to watch the (literal) fruits of my labor be enthusiastically harvested by campers and know that it will go towards feeding families so close to home.