Blog  Madeline’s Top FIVE Reasons Why Art at Camp is SO IMPORTANT! (in no particular order)

Madeline’s Top FIVE Reasons Why Art at Camp is SO IMPORTANT! (in no particular order)

Madeline at the Art Center!


  1. Self-expression! –When life happens, many use the arts as outlets for expression. Self-expression is seen in different art styles, color palettes, choice of dance, and many more ways! Expression is even more important this year. Your camper may have a lot happening in their mind that they can’t wait to splat on a piece of watercolor paper or act through a character they created. Of all the outlets we offer at camp, the art your campers produce are the most beautiful results.
  2. Self-exploration! — Embroidery, Commedia dell’Arte, Photoshop, oil painting, contemporary dance– which of these activities we’re offering in Bet have you played around with before? As a camper I was always super proud of my shabbat box, bean art, and candles, but I always wanted to try something new. Kalsman offers an abundance of opportunities for campers to explore the arts in different ways, and hopefully stick with that art form after camp! The world can always use more art. 
  3. Community! –Okay I’ll admit, I was (and still am) a theatre kid. In high school and university I stuck with my theatre friends throughout everything– they were my kehilla, my community. Here at camp we help build those communities through electives such as theatre and hope that the experiences each camper shares in those activities strengthen the bond they already have with each other. 
  4. Beauty! –If you have ever been to Kalsman you have seen murals and paintings galore on sides of buildings, inside specific areas, on the ground or in the air. The art expresses Jewish values and camp values and serve as teachers to anyone walking by. So much hard work and passion go into each of the big projects in order to bring the values camp holds dear into a visual masterpiece. Each summer new painted pieces of art spring up onto camp, making camp feel brighter and more colorful. 
  5. Fun! –To quote Harry Chapin’s “Flowers are Red”, “Painting should be fun!” and it absolutely is at camp! Not only do we have different paint mediums, the campers are choosing from various fun activities in the arts and they have the freedom to make that art how they want. There is no one way or right way to create art at camp or anywhere and every camper brings their own creativity to the table. I lead a Bob Ross chug in Aleph for the CIT’s and although each of them were following the same video, every painting was drastically different from each other. Just as all campers are different, so is their sense of creativity. We love to see your camper thrive while exploring the wonder of art at camp!


Madeline poses for a camper during a Digital Media Activity!



By Madeline Weinstein, Art Supervisor