Blog  The Space Between: Transition from Camper to Counselor!

The Space Between: Transition from Camper to Counselor!

Lyn with their cabin!

My name is Lyn, I use they/them pronouns and I am one of the Machonikim for this summer! This summer,  I got to come to opening day TWICE! Once as a camper and once as someone who had started learning what it truly meant to be a counselor. The first time I came to opening day I had less than full understanding of what COVID restrictions were going to be in place. I was excited to be back home for the first time in almost two years, but I was also worried that camp would not be the same and have the same level of magic. But I was so wrong! The second time, I saw those same worries underscored in the campers I was walking with from the Mirpa’aa (health center) to the cabin villages get their pictures taken. Although I could see they were nervous, it was clear they were excitedly waiting to come home after almost two years, just like I was, and that was absolutely magical to watch.


Becoming a CIT and stepping into a leadership role in the camp community has been an amazing experience this year. With the combination of getting to work in the cabin starting the first day I got to camp, working with the other amazing CITs and being under the advisory of Max and Hannah, the last four-ish weeks have been one of the most formative experiences in my recent life. Through this experience, I now have an understanding of how to be a great counselor. 

I am so ready for next year when I will be a counselor and create camp magic for my campers the way my counselors did for me all 8 summers I was a camper. See ya in 2022!


Machonikim Graduation!


By Lyn Strober-Cohen, Machon