Camp Kalsman is a camping and conference facility that is owned and operated by the Union for Reform Judaism. Between summer seasons, Camp's facilities are available for rental to organizations and groups. Camp Kalsman reserves the right to determine which groups may reserve the facility.

This Rentals section of our website should provide you with all the information you need to determine whether Camp Kalsman is suited for your event. It will also help you organize your meeting or retreat. While Camp Kalsman is a "turn-key" operation, there are details that your participants will want to know and some things you will need to do.

If the weather is nice, plan to spend some time around the grounds. We love when our guests take advantage of our facilities in their programming!

We urge you to visit Camp Kalsman prior to your event and see all that we have to offer. If you have any questions, please contact our offices at 425-284-4484. We are happy to help you plan a great event.

Amanda and Kevin's Camp Wedding

2008.previewGetting married at URJ Camp Kalsman was one of the best decisions that I made for my wedding. Not only was the camp the perfect place to get married, the staff and catering team were amazing. They catered to our every need and made the entire process flawless. We wanted a unique venue where we could have most of our out of towns guest stay and also give the feel of a destination wedding that was only an hour away from our home.

I found Camp Kalsman through a dear friend that had worked there for 8 years as assistant director. We went up to visit her the summer before I got engaged and I absolutely fell in love with the grounds. There is a wonderful peacefulness about the entire area. The grounds are extremely well kept and the cabins are clean and modern. I think that many of our guests were worried that they would be staying at a camp with no running water or electricity and were all pleasantly surprised at how modern and comfortable the accommodations were.

Kids and adults alike were happy to run around the grounds all weekend enjoying everything the camp has to offer, from hikes to canoeing and everything in between. The food was fantastic and everyone enjoyed the novelty of being at summer camp for the weekend.

The spot for the ceremony was in a grove of trees right by the little lake and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect place to say our vows. We had a camping theme to the wedding so we used most of the chairs and tables on site but could have rented different ones if we had wanted to. Also, I just can’t get over how wonderful our pictures turned out. The backdrop and natural beauty of the camp is unbeatable. There are so many fun and romantic places to take photos.

Working with Sarah and David was wonderful and the kitchen staff was responsive to all the food allergy and meal ideas that we had. The guests raved about the staff and the food all weekend.

When it comes down to it I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect weekend and would recommend Camp Kalsman as a venue to anyone looking to host a family reunion, wedding, etc. I just wish I could go back to camp when it wasn’t my wedding and really get to have fun and not have to worry about getting married!

Hopefully one day we could do a family reunion here!

Kevin and Amanda