Planning the event
Camp Kalsman is a fun and different venue than a hotel, motel, or convention center. Camp has fewer diversions than these locations - no telephones or televisions in the cabins, etc. Hosting an event at camp allows guests to live, eat, and have fun together. We do have many of the same activities that you might find in a resort, such as outdoor games, basketball and volleyball courts, a pool, and a lake. Your event can be as intense or as relaxing as you want to make it.

At least two to four weeks before your date, you should make sure that your participants receive the directions to Camp Kalsman or bus departure point and time. You should also send them a list of things to bring. If you will have minors at camp without their parents or guardians, you will need to send Medical Release Forms home to be signed.

We will need a definite head count at least fourteen days before your event begins. This will enable us to prepare for your arrival. This is also the point at which we will need a copy of your tentative schedule, and a list of any special needs that you might have. We want you to think ahead so we can be as prepared as possible to ensure a successful event. If you need any help with your planning, please call camp (425-284-4484). We will be happy to answer any questions.

With a little prior planning, your time at Camp Kalsman can be both a productive and a relaxing one.

Getting To and From Camp Kalsman
Depending upon your point of origin, here are some ways of getting to Camp Kalsman:

If you are close by, or if all of your participants will be driving up in their own cars, we have plenty of parking space. A map with directions to camp is in the Appendices.

Rented Vans
Van rentals are available through many rental car firms and are effective for transporting a small to medium size group to camp.

Group Chartered Bus
Chartered buses can effectively transport large numbers of people to camp. There are a number of companies that charter into Arlington. Costs vary with distance and company.

It is the Group’s responsibility to transfer participants from Seattle bus depots, train stations, airports, or hotels to camp. Transportation is your responsibility.

Health Care
It is unlikely that there will be a health-related problem during a camp event, but the possibility exists. The chances increase when bringing children to camp. It is a very good idea for large, student-oriented groups to bring a registered nurse to camp with them. Groups are responsible for their own medical care.

Emergencies will be handled by the Group’s leaders in conjunction with the Camp Staff. A local ambulance is available, and the hospital is close-by in Arlington.

It is an absolute necessity to bring Medical Release Forms for all participants under the age of 18 who will not be accompanied by their parents or guardians. No hospital will treat a minor, even in an emergency, without a signed consent form. It is also advisable to have information on hand about allergies to medications and foods, and emergency contact phone numbers.

Sports Equipment
Equipment is available for use by all groups renting Camp Kalsman. It usually includes the following:

  • Kickballs
  • Softballs and Bats
  • Soccer Balls
  • Basketballs
  • Volleyballs and Nets

Other assorted odds and ends are also available. Participants also need their own baseball gloves.

Please let us know, in advance, what your needs are. It will help us make sure that the equipment is available when it is needed. Everything will be signed out to you at the beginning of your event, and you will be responsible for its safe return. Please inform us of which activities your group would like to take advantage.

Linen Service
If you would like to rent linens for your group, please let us know. We charge by the set, which includes two sheets, two towels, a washcloth, a pillowcase, a pillow and a blanket.