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TODAY IS THE DAY! The campers are here to kick off our largest and best summer yet! In honor of Camp Kalsman’s 12th Summer, here are the 12 things we are most excited for!


1.Opening Day

Opening Day is one of the best days of the summer! Campers are finally arriving to camp to see old friends and meet new ones. At lunch we eat grilled cheese and tomato soup, and sing “Take Me Home, Jordan Road,” together. After lunch, all campers participate in a scavenger hunt around camp with their units!


2. Art Center

The long-anticipated Arts Center is finally open for the summer!! Campers will get the chance to create and edit videos in the digital media room, try out new recipes in the culinary arts kitchen, create their own pottery masterpieces in the ceramics studio, and record songs in the music and recording studio!!


3. Education Theme
This year our education theme revolves around the different mitzvot that can be applied to each area of camp. Whether in the bunk, at the pool, or at a meal, campers will be able to learn and recognize which Mitzvot are most relevant.


4. All Camp Programs

There are many times throughout the summer that all units come together to participate in an ALL CAMP PROGRAM! We can’t wait to root for our team in Maccabiah (color wars), cheer our friends on at the talent show, and participate in a special hands on social action program! The CITs will be hosting a fun carnival full of games and prizes that tie the education theme together!


5. Teva

Campouts, cookouts, BBQs, and everything outdoors! We love being surrounded by nature, and this summer we are going to take advantage of the beautiful PNW by hiking, learning survival skills, and planting in the garden.




6. Ropes

We can’t wait to reach the top of the Tower to see the pink elephant, complete unit challenges on the low ropes, and test our balance on the Whale watch! We are on belay for the summer!




7. CIT Program

Machon, or CITs, will be going through a transition from camper to counselor in their six-week program. During the summer, Machon will get to join a camper cabin to help lead programs, shadow different areas of camp, and provide the fun all throughout the summer! At the end of the summer, we will see the Machon graduate from the program signifying the completed transition.


8. Sports

From basketball, to dance, to strategic board games, our sports program will have a variety of options for all! With teamwork and good sportsmanship, we will work together to have the most fun possible!




9. Waterfront

The best part about summer in Washington is the clear skies and sunshine that we don’t normally see year-round. The sun shining is a perfect excuse to cool off in the pool and explore the lake with kayaks.




10. Mishlachat

Camp Kalsman has staff members from all over the world- including 13 Israeli staff members. Throughout the summer our mishlachat will immerse the community in traditions from Israel, and spark conversations about similarities and differences in American and Israeli culture. Every lunch all of camp participates in the Mishlachat dance- a dance they created for camp!


11. T’filah

Every evening, we pray at our beautiful outdoor Beit T’filah. Surrounded by trees and community, we are excited to give thanks and appreciate the world around us after each long day. On Friday nights and Saturday morning, we have special Shabbat Services that break up the rest of the week.



12. Our Amazing Community

This summer will be our biggest one yet- with new friends and old ones. Each member of our community will provide camp with talent, ideas, creativity and friendship. We can’t wait to meet you all!