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Our Mission, Vision and Values

URJ Mission

Grounded in our values, the Union for Reform Judaism creates, connects and inspires diverse congregations, camps and other Jewish communities to pursue our vision.

Camp Kalsman Vision

Creating a vibrant, creative, caring community fostering Jewish identity and connection.

Camp Kalsman Values


כיף (Kef) Fun
It’s at our core! Kalsman provides a place where campers, staff and adult participants experience fun, freedom and silliness.

שייכות (Sheychut) Belonging
Belonging recognizes that everyone is created in the image of God (Betzelem Elohim), and everyone is valued and celebrated for the unique talents they bring.

מנהיגות (Manhigut) Leadership
We provide challenges and cultivate opportunities where our campers and staff can learn and grow as leaders, team members, problem solvers and positive role models.

שמירת הגוף (Shmirat Haguf) Health and Wellness
Kalsman values health for both the body and the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual self.

חיבור (Hibur) Connection
Kalsman creates an environment that connects campers to one another, nature, and the larger world.  Being part of a holy community creates lifelong friendships, embodies respecting other, including those who are different, helps participants feel part of something greater than themselves, and teaches that we are all responsible for the community, both emotionally and physically.  We build social skills, acceptance, and navigation skills at camp and these skills carry through year-round.

זהות יהודית (Zehut Yehudit) Jewish Identity
We foster building a Jewish identity through the same innovation and creativity that we plan our programs. Campers get to experiment with different Jewish experiences and practices as they embark on their personal Jewish self-discovery.

קהילה (Kehilah) Community
Our programs and daily activities are designed to model and build community among our campers, staff, alumni, and friends, resulting in long-term friendships and relationships that embody what it means to be part of something greater than ourselves.