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By Zoie, Arts Supervisor

The new Arts Center at Camp Kalsman has two general art rooms, a pottery studio, a fully stocked kitchen, a digital media studio, music room, recording studio, and a performing arts plaza!! We are so lucky. What more could we ever need?

That’s what I was saying to myself when I arrived at camp this summer. As the returning Arts Supervisor, I was thrilled to be a part of this transition. To go from a tiny art room in the dining hall, a borrowed kitchen on the other side of camp, and a lot of outdoor space that we made do with, the idea of a space for creativity was so invigorating. The new building created so much more room (literally) for amazing programs and experiences. What more could we ever need?

But then I met Toddy Fineberg. Toddy is a friend of David Berkman’s from his previous camp life and now works as a professional chef in the bay area. Toddy so graciously agreed to take two weeks off of work and become our first artist in residence of the summer. What that means is she is here for all of first session to share with us her expertise, teach some amazing cooking classes, and help us set up the new kitchen to be as productive, clean, and as safe as possible.

This week the campers are making (and eating) chocolate treats, fresh vegetable pizza, and strawberry shortcake! We are so excited to try all the delicious food and learn new recipes this summer!