Blog  Endless Supply of Fun: Chugim Options for Bet

Endless Supply of Fun: Chugim Options for Bet

By Scott Goldberg, Teva Supervisor

How do campers at Kalsman actually spend their time?

As a camper, one of the best parts of spending a summer at Camp Kalsman is the opportunity to participate in engaging chugim, or activities, every day. From sports to arts to adventure, there is nearly an endless supply of fun, learning opportunities, and pathways to build relationships. Campers at Kalsman are simply energized by chugim here at camp!

And, without further ado, here are some examples of the chugim being offered for the first week of Kallah Bet!


  1. GagagagagagaThe best camp game in the world times 100,000!
  2. Kickball kickball kickball! Coog Kickball! Nitz fun!
  3. Relay the message! It’ll be a race on multiple terrains…
  4. Colorful Israeli Zumba on Shabbat!!Learn all of the dances so we can be the best dancers on Shabbat and get that groove on.
  5. Variety Board Games – Play some of your favorite board and card games, and find new favorites as well.


  1. Tower Hour- Climb the tower and attempt a different route and challenge each day.
  2. Low Ropes 2.0- Test your skills of teamwork, footwork, and memory on the low ropes
  3. Dreamcatchers & Nature Art – Dreamcatchers and other art activities are fun ways to do art in teva, or nature! We will hunt for our materials and do art projects outside.
  4. Environmental Justice League – The environment is all around us, and it needs help! We will learn how to go for hikes, make tea, and do art projects, all while discussing how to leave no trace and make little impact on the environment.
  5. Scarecrows in the Farm & Garden – Learn all about what scarecrows do, and we will make scarecrows together for the farm and garden!


  1. Digital Scrap books (Digital Media) – Take photos and create a scrapbook of your time at Camp Kalsman
  2. Recycled art (Art) – Create paper bowls out of recycled papers.
  3. Improv Games (Drama) – Play some games and have some fun with the fun and fantastic Or.
  4. Art through Emotions (Art) – What does art have to do with feelings? Find out in this fun activity!
  5. Shabbat Choir – Come learn music to bring to the camp on Shabbat, improve group- singing skills, and how to harmonize. We will focus on one of the most important aspects of singing: how to listen. If you love to sing and/or love Jewish music, this is the chug for you!


We are looking forward to a great first week of chugim!