Blog  Where the Wind Blows

Where the Wind Blows

By Michael Fishman, Sports and Waterfront Specialist

What an opening day! After campers settled into their cabins and met their counselors and cabin mates, it was time to do unit mixers. These get-to-know-you games help counselors and campers connect with each other and find things in common.

One of the most popular games is called “Where the Wind Blows.” Everyone stands shoulder to shoulder in a circle with one person in the middle. The person in the middle says their name and then says “The wind blows to anyone who…” followed by an attribute that they possess. Some common descriptors are “anyone from outside the state of Washington”, “anyone that plays an instrument”, “anyone that plays ultimate frisbee” and the ever-popular, “anyone who likes Harry Potter” (there is rarely anyone who doesn’t move for this answer). If the attribute applies to someone in the circle, they must run from their spot and try to find a vacant spot. If there is no space left for someone to move to, then that person is in the middle and the game starts again.

Finding out more about our new friends is always fun and really gets us ready for lunch! After a hearty meal of grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, French fries and ceasar salad, campers get to rest and play cabin bingo, trying to find things in common with their cabinmates. Ending our first day games, campers had to solve a series of clues to reach the end of their cabin scavenger hunt, familiarizing themselves with camp’s layout and using their problem-solving capabilities. Altogether, camp’s opening day games may seem simple, but they build relationships that will last all summer.