Shabbat Shira: A Beautifully Chaotic Celebration

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By Terra Zicklin, Communications and Development Associate

Tonight our community will come together for the first Shabbat of the session to pray during services, eat Shabbat dinner, and end the night with singing and dancing at Shabbat Shira.

Shabbat Shira at camp is a time unlike any other. You can expect campers to sing, laugh, and jump for joy, all while dancing alongside the rest of camp. Although we see excitement in various programs all week long, nothing matches the energy in the dining hall when the familiar songs begin to play.

Shabbat is the transition into a new week and Shabbat shira signifies the ruach we have built up during the long days. We allow ourselves to let it out all at once. We are loud, we are wild, and we are all but screaming out the words to each song. With the older campers engaging with younger ones, friends singing side by side, and staff members leading the dances, we end the week with a beautifully chaotic celebration.

Tonight, as we dance and sing in Shabbat Shira, we will be a community filled with enthusiasm: both overjoyed that we have experienced an amazing week together and looking forward to more days to come.