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By Jessica Brumer, Kesher Unit Head

Every year during second session our oldest unit Kesher goes on a two night camping trip off camp. We started the first morning beautifying camp by painting the basketball court gaga pit. The theme for this gaga pit is the 7 days of creation and camp. The campers were split up into groups and each took on the challenge of creating and painting their side relating to the day of creation that their group was assigned.

After the painting was all done, we loaded the busses and headed to Rasar State Park. When we got there we set up camp and then had spaghetti for dinner. After dinner, we played some fun games and had some free time. Then it was time for s’mores and a campfire. We sang some campfire songs and before we knew it, it was dark and time for siyum and bed.

The next morning we woke up to the beautiful sun and had some breakfast. We then split up into two groups and one group hiked to a beautiful lake while the other group hung out at the playground. We then all met up and had some snacks then the groups switched so that everyone could do each activity. After we were done with the rotations, we all met back up at the camp site and had sandwiches for lunch. After lunch was over we split up into cabins to have some cabin bonding/menucha time. After cabin time, we played some complement rap battles and ate popsicles because it was a beautiful day. We had some more hang out time and then had a beautiful service in nature. Then it was to dinner for some kabobs. After dinner, we had a trust program where we did trust walks and some meditation. Then it was on to s’mores, campfire, and stargazing. After the long day we did siyum and went to bed.

The last day of the trip we got to sleep in a little longer and then had breakfast. After we had breakfast we packed up camp and waited for the busses to arrive. We loaded the busses and headed to the pizza factory for some yummy lunch. Then we went back to camp for some much needed showers and sleep.

Overall the Kesher trip was a blast for everyone! Here are some camper quotes about the trip!

“It was amazing!” -Lindsay

“It was chill, laid back, and really fun!” -Reuben

“It really helped me connect with nature and my peers in Kesher. I had a really great time!” -Carly

“It strengthened my connections with all my friends!” –Lindsay

“It was a unique and exciting experience!” –Grayson

“Everyone bonded!” –Jordan