Behind the Lens: Capturing the Moments that Make Camp Special

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By Terra Zicklin, Communications and Development Associate

As a camp photographer I see first-hand why our campers and staff come back year after year. I get to capture the raw emotions and the spontaneous moments that make camp special- the moments that campers will remember. No, they may not remember what they were giggling about or which activity they participated in, but they will remember how camp made them feel. The same giddy feeling I have when thinking about my time as a camper over eight years ago.

Behind the lens, I watch campers of all ages conquer their fears, get excited during a good game of cards, and smile widely at a friend who made them laugh. I see the campers who confidently lead their peers through the challenge course, and the ones who happily lend a hand, or a shoulder to cry on. Whether one is front and center of a group, or likes to hang out in the background, each camper has his or her own unique qualities that fit into the puzzle of our community. Through photos, I piece the puzzle together, each piece just as important as the next.

Although I’m not a counselor, being the photographer allows me to build relationships with the campers. I am lucky that I get to watch each child grow, learn, laugh, and most importantly, let their walls down during their time at camp. I get to see, every single day, why camp is a magical place.