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by Terra Zicklin, Communications and Development Associate

Often, when we think about our childhood we reminisce on family nights, play dates and time spent with our friends and siblings. Something that comes to mind when thinking back on these hangouts are all the board games we played. We were excited by the idea of strategically planning our next move to beat our friends and family in a friendly competition. Growing up playing board games helps shape us. We practice problem solving and learn new concepts and skills with each game, all while bonding with others.

Recently, during a tour, I asked a potential camper what their favorite camp activity was. She blurted out, “board games!” Her mother prompted her to say a typical camp activity such as the tower or lake. I excitedly explained that board games are one of our typical camp activities, and that this summer we have our first-ever Board Game Specialist! We then walked in the dining hall, the first stop of the tour, to 20 campers engaged in different games, laughing and playing together. The potential camper was beaming.

Throughout the summer, our specialist, Ari, helps facilitate a number of games appropriate for each age group. Additionally, he coaches campers on how to create their own board games- remembering to include a theme, premise, direction, challenge, and strategy to make the games exciting.

An important aspect to camp is play. The ability to play with others and create a sense of community is vital in child development. At Kalsman, especially with our new board game specialist, we have no shortage of play!