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By Terra Zicklin, Jessica Brumer, and Michael Fishman

As camp is buzzing with excitement, and campers are munching on their opening day grilled cheese and tomato soup, I sit down with our Kesher Unit Head, Jessica, and Sports and Waterfront Specialist, Michael, to get the inside scoop of Gimmel.


Terra: Thanks for joining me for lunch. As you know, it’s Opening Day for Gimmel! What are you most excited for this session?

Michael: I’m really excited to run new chugim that I haven’t had the chance to run yet, meet new campers, and work with a different set of personalities.

Jessica: I’m excited for new campers, (this is our biggest session!) the Kesher trip, and to end the summer with a bang!


T: What are some of the new chugim and programs this session?

J: Cupcake wars, open mic night, a game show, and we get to have watermelons in the pool!


T: What about the all camp programs?

M: Gimulut Chasa-day- our social action program, talent show, and Maccabiah!


T: So excited for all of these! What are you taking away from the first two sessions to make Gimmel amazing?

M: I’m going to take all the experiences I’ve had in Aleph and Bet and bring them into Gimmel. We also had five weeks to write programs and test them out so Gimmel has the advantage of getting some of the best programs, as well as counselors and staff who know how to work really well together.

J: I’m bringing all the spirit and excitement from the first two sessions into Gimmel!


T: There already is so much excitement! But, the first day of camp can be nerve-wracking for some of our campers. What are you doing in these first couple days to make sure your cabin is bonding?

M: We make sure everyone is getting integrated and that everyone is included. We get campers who don’t already know each other to interact with one another. Even if they don’t become fast friends, it’s great that they get to meet new people and expand their horizons.


T: That’s true, making good friends will help the nerves go away! Okay, the most important question: Which meal are you most excited for?

M: Pasta night!

J: Quesadillas with guacamole!


T: Definitely quesadilla night. Any last comments about Gimmel?

J: I am very excited to meet everybody and run fun programs!

M: Because I came to this session as a camper, it holds a special place in my heart.