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By Galit Shapira, Ropes Supervisor

We have begun our final session of the Summer this week and it brings with it a multitude of emotions. The excitement of new campers, feeling of accomplishment of all we have done this far in the summer, and some sadness in realizing the summer is coming to an end. As staff we have been at camp for 5 weeks, some of us longer than that. Yet our campers are just beginning their summer journey at Kalsman. With that we too get to enjoy camp through their eyes and soak up their excitement and energy. Yet this Shabbat will also be the last Shabbat of the summer for some of our staff. So it shall be a Shabbat full of hellos and goodbyes. Quite possibly the most ruach-filled Shabbat yet due to all the new campers energy and all the staff who want to go out with a bang.