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Written by Joey K, current Kalsman Machon (Counselor in Training)

Dear Future Counselor In Training (CIT),

Hi, I’m Joey. I’ve been going to camp for 10 summers, and this summer, after my final year of Kesher, I decided to return as a CIT. And honestly, it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Camp gave me lifelong friendships, a sense of community, and innumerable cherished memories. After last summer, I thought this chapter of my life was over. After all, I cried during the last siyum and closing friendship circle as if I was leaving this place forever. But driving away from Camp Kalsman down Jordan Road, a realization came over me. This was not the end; instead, it was a beginning.

Kalsman Machon (CITs) at a Saturday night cookout in the quad.

I knew I wanted to give back to the camp I loved and that had given me so much. So, I signed up for the CIT program with those intentions. Now when I was signing up, it would have been helpful to really understand this program and a CIT’s role on camp. For Aleph session, you will spend your mornings learning counselor and safety skills, with some Jewish learning sprinkled in. You then spend your afternoons as any other camper would; with pool time, menucha, a CIT unit program, and all the rest of the activities. During Bet session you are in cabins, learning through hands on experience and bonding with the campers. You become a role model for the kids, become closer with your co-counselors, and experience Kalsman from a new perspective. It is super rewarding.

So that’s it; that’s the abridged summary of the CIT program. A program that entails connections, fun, learning, and that special feeling in your heart that only Kalsman can create. So, if you want to spend your summer growing as an individual and Jewish leader in the best place on Earth while surrounded by friends and experiencing moments of joy, success, and fulfillment, this program is for you.

Joey K, CIT ‘19