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By Lorenzo Rangel, Counselor and Drama Specialist

As a counselor, modeling behavior is a big part of the job as the campers look to me as a role model. Being a role model in of itself is a task most can handle, but putting a Jewish spin on it takes a mensch. This summer, at Camp Kalsman, being a Jewish role model means that incorporating Jewish values (or Midot) in our daily activities. Our education theme this summer focuses on three main Jewish values: Honor, Gratitude, and being Slow to Anger. These values are easy to incorporate into daily actions because they are the groundwork for a positive attitude. For me, being positive comes naturally, so that part I have down, but to go above and beyond the call of duty is what I strive for.

Lorenzo, left, with campers on Maccabia

Communal living can be difficult sometimes, and occassionally campers may engage in “Lashon Hara”, which is the sin of gossip. In my goal to be a positive, Jewish role model to my campers, I turn it in to a teaching lesson, every time, and by the end of the session they know the term, and know that it is something they want to avoid!

Being an example of someone living a Jewish adult life helps spread the idea that Judaism and one’s personal involvement can continue after one’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Surrounding myself and grounding myself in Jewish values to the fullest extent possible is my goal as a Jewish role model at camp.