Havdalah Thoughts from our Campers: Community Is Where the Heart Is

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Shavua Tov! Last week, Kalsman Virtual Havdalah was beautifully led by some of our Kesher campers from last summer. The emotions we are all feeling of missing camp, while all the same feeling incredibly thankful for our Kalsman community was so wonderfully encapsulated by a few of our teens. As we celebrate Havdalah in our own homes tonight and begin a new week, we hope their words are a source of comfort, and a reminder that Camp Kalsman is so much more than just a place.


“I’ve never been to Camp Kalsman the same session two years in a row. This gives me a unique view of the camp, because while my friend groups change, I have gotten to understand the value of Kalsman itself. Camp Kalsman feels like a community no matter when you go, and being in this place drives us all to find connections. We bond over the opportunities camp gives us – to be ourselves, to not feel pressure about school, to find new people.

Camp, first and foremost, is a community. Home is where the heart is, which makes it quite fitting that our counselors greet us on the first day with a ‘welcome home’. Because camp is a place, but our community is our home. And even from each of our own houses, our community has followed us, and while we are not at camp physically, we still have our home.”

– Abby K


“‘Better late than never’ is a phrase that encompasses my camp experience. Last year was my first and last year as a camper at Camp Kalsman and I’m so glad I chose to go to camp. Joining this incredible community so late scared me, but ‘better late than never’ is so true for me. By making the choice to go to camp, I met my second family, my best friends, and my biggest role models in the world. I’m so grateful for everything that Camp Kalsman has given me and I’m so excited to come back as staff as soon as we can.”

– Brooke G-P


“Hi everyone. I’m Lindsay and I am currently sitting in my room in Houston, Texas. I consider Houston my temporary home for 11 months of the year before I go to my actual home, Camp Kalsman. Camp is definitely my favorite place to be, probably in the whole world. The community at camp is like no other I’ve ever been a part of. As soon as I get to camp I feel like I’m a part of something truly incredible and bigger than myself. Those of you who know me know that I always cry at campfires and closing circles. And its not because of sad songs like leaving on a jet plane, its just because I love being surrounded by my best friends and the best group of people in the whole world.”

– Lindsay F