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“Feeling valued is powerful” – Lyn Strober-Cohen

by Lyn Strober-Cohen, Kalsman Alum and ’23 Kesher Counselor

This iyyun, or introduction to a prayer, was offered during Shabbat of Session Aleph, and it resonates every Shabbat here at camp.

Last year, almost exactly one year ago, I said that the “two claps” during the Hashkiveinu is when I feel the safest and this still rings true. I love this song and prayer so much because it talks about being safe and asking others for help in protecting yourself and reciprocating that care to others. When we all do the two claps before the chorus, it’s a moment when we are all bonded together. It is an agreement and an understanding to keep each other safe in this kehilah kedosha. Camp is my favorite place in the world, and also where I feel the safest. To me, this song makes every problem seem so small and insignificant because I am in community with people who love and appreciate me for my gifts and challenges, for all of me. The double claps remind me of the love that we all have for each other and the agreement we have made to each other, to this community to support, listen, and protect each other. This is Hashkiveinu.