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by Zoey Natkin, Social Media Intern

Havdalah is a beautiful and bittersweet end to Shabbat. It marks the end of a previous, fun filled week, but also the start of the week to come. As first session comes to a close, the  same feelings of ending and beginning develop in our Kalsman community. The feeling of Havdalah at camp is like no other. The sense of community and connection are present as we gather around the braided Havdalah candle, just as they are when we have our arms around each other on the basketball court on closing day.  

The last day of Aleph marks the end of an incredible 10 days of camp. We made new friends, tried new things, and made new memories. While the end of camp is sad, it also means campers get to start their countdown to return home to Kalsman next summer. Camp is full of endings and beginnings. We may be going home, but the long-lasting memories stick with us in the weeks, months, and years to come.  

This is Zoey’s 10th summer at Kalsman and her second hear on staff. Catch her stories on our social media feed!