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It’s your turn to lead the way at URJ Camp Kalsman.


The Machon -Counselor in Training Program- at URJ Camp Kalsman is a once in a lifetime opportunity for current 11th graders to develop valuable skills for the future while also spending time together as a unit enjoying all the fun activities camp has to offer. Experiencing all camp programming as both participants and leaders helps our Machonikim transition from camper to future staff member. This five week program is perfect preparation for teens entering their senior year of high school to take on additional responsibility at school, in extracurricular activities, at their temples, and at camp.


With the guidance of a dedicated Machon Director and two Machon advisors, Machonikim spend time learning about and practicing leadership skills. You’ll learn to identify your own leadership style and discover how to use it to maximize your impact as an individual and in a group. Machonikim acquire hands on experience in group leading, decision making, and program implementation both from training out of cabin and working in a cabin.


As part of a small likeminded cohort, Machonikim have the opportunity to build a one of a kind team of learners, friends, and leaders. Between dedicated time on the URJ Camp Kalsman ropes course and team challenges that test what it means to work together, you’ll walk away from the program with strong relationships and a more developed understanding of teamwork. Alongside the bond of the unit, Machonikim will learn how to build quick teams in their cabins, set clear boundaries, and create partnerships with their co-counselors.


For the length of the first session, Machonikim will engage in experiential learning about what it takes to be a leader at camp and at home, as well as Jewish identity searching, goal setting, and have the potential to walk away with tangible skills and certifications that are applicable even outside of camp! The afternoons are spent having fun with your unit at the pool and around camp. You’ll join the rest of camp for T’filah and dinner before your evening program and team meeting. As you learn what it means to take on responsibility around camp, you’ll begin to help plan programs for other campers around camp. When you move into cabins for the length of the second session, you’ll get the chance to write and run their own unit and evening programs.


Swim in the pool, learn to belay, spend time in the arts center, and sing your heart out at Shabbat shira! Plus, take a two day trip off camp during intersession where you’ll focus on having fun and hanging out. The Machon summer with friends old and new will be the best summer of your life!

How to Apply for Machon


Information Letter
For more information on the Machon program, please read this informational letter.

Step 1 – Register
Your parent must first complete the registration process. The $300 deposit will NOT be charged until you are accepted into the Machon program.

Step 2 – Apply
After your parents have completed the online summer registration process, a link to the application will be emailed to you (if you have an email address on file) and your parents.

Step 3 – Reference
Please provide one adult reference after completing steps 1 and 2.

Follow Up
After completing these 3 steps, you will be contacted by a member of the Camp professional staff to schedule a follow-up call to discuss the program, expectations, and to do some goal-setting.